Apple R&D expenditures up 32% in 2013

Apple R&D expenditures up 32% within 2013 | TUAW - The Particular Unofficial Apple Weblog

As part of the actual Apple earnings folderol earlier this week, the business these days filed a new Form 10-K with the US Securities as well as Exchange Commission. There's some very great news within for those that want the company to continue to innovate along with new and improved products: Apple expended 32 percent more on research and also development inside 2013 -- US$4.5 billion -- than it did inside 2012.

The business revealed that R&D expenses, in comparison with net sales, truly remained fairly constant. Since net revenue get ballooned, therefore possess R&D costs. Significantly of the development in R&D expenses has been attributed to become able to further personnel.

Apple's filing states that, "The Organization carries on to trust in which centered investments within R&D are usually critical to its future growth along with competitive position within the marketplace and consequently are straight related to become able to timely development of new and also enhanced products that tend to be central to the Company's core company strategy. acne scar removal As such, your Organization expects to produce further investments within R&D to stay competitive."

Also inside the 10-K were these tidbits:
The company had 80,300 full-time equivalent employees as associated with September 28, along with more than half (42,800) becoming employed within the list operations. At the end with the company's 2013 fouth quarter, the company occupied concerning 19.1 million sq ft regarding building space, many of that inside the US and also with regards to 63 % involving it leased. Apple owns 1,428 acres of land, that we calculated being roughly 9.5 percent of the size Manhattan Island.

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